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June 2018: Satellite Symposium at ITbM, Nagoya University 24.04.2018 << back

Last-minute announcement!!

Satellite Symposium at ITbM, Nagoya University -Frontiers and Future of Plant Reproduction Research-

June 10-11, 2018, at ITbM and ES Hall, Nagoya University (Japan)

Meeting Background

This symposium entitled “Frontiers & Future of Plant Reproduction Research” has three main purposes. The first purpose is to show a part of active researches of our society to non-members. The second purpose is education of younger generations. Therefore, invited speakers will talk both recent topics and big remaining questions. Winners for Travel Award grant for IASPRR members will also be invited to the poster session. The third purpose of this symposium is to introduce Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules (ITbM) of Nagoya University to IASPRR members. ITbM is for true mixture of biologists and synthetic chemists, and plant reproduction research is one of main subjects of ITbM. You will enjoy seeing unique mix-labs and mix-offices as well as cutting-edge Live-Imaging Center. We will finish the symposium at 16:00 to move to the 25th ICSPR at Gifu, which is close to Nagoya.


Invited Speakers:

Alice Cheung

Anna Koltunow
Anja Geitmann

Arp Schnittger

Dolf Weijers

José Feijó

Mark Johnson

Rita Groß-Hardt

Stefanie Sprunck




Tetsuya Higashiyama

(President of IASPRR and Vice-Director of ITbM)

No registration is required. See the FLYER for more details.


The map is HERE.


The access to Nagoya University is as follows:



Detailed program of presentations is HERE.



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